Who Are We?

We are church musicians, school musicians, and leaders, both professional and volunteer, who are interested in the spiritual growth of children and youth, using music as a tool for teaching and learning. We are committed as individuals and as a group to providing quality programming, training opportunities, resources, and learning/growing experiences for our members and for our community.

We feel “called” to this important ministry to our children, youth, and families, whether in the school or church setting, and to the Church and community as a whole. We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of the people we teach and serve, and we strive to continue learning how to fulfill our calling in effective and meaningful ways.

What Our People Saying

I am so lucky to have sent my child to the summer choir camp for elementary and middle school kids. She has been going for four years now and has made friends for life. The kids come away with not only vocal skills but everything else you could imagine also. Thanks Choristers Guild!