2017 MidWinter – Session Topics

Session Topics

Session A

Trinka (Preschool):  Setting a Foundation for Musical Growth and Development:  Part 1

This session will explore music appropriate for developing young children’s experiential understanding of musical concepts while simultaneously developing their musical skills.  The session will begin with an overview of a music curriculum designed to prepare preschool children to become musically literate using authentic children’s traditional oral repertoire. Participants will engage in activities designed to develop foundational musical skills such asfinding and maintaining steady beat; matching pitch; singing in tune; inner hearing; naming and performing comparatives; and expressive music performance.

Taylor (Children):  Explore Growing in Grace Curriculum

Be ready to move, sing, and play using the latest Growing in Grace Children’s Music Curriculum. Explore these developmentally-appropriate songs and resources that engage children and help build the foundation for a lifetime of music and growth.

Shelton (Youth):  Getting Out of the Rut: Ideas for Introducing New Music to Developing Singers

We all have our individual teaching styles when introducing new music.  Sometimes we lose our creativity, fall into a “rut,” and introduce new songs the same way every time.  This session will explore creative ways to introduce a new song to developing singers, focusing on multiple learning styles and musical literacy.


Session B

Trinka (Preschool):  Setting a Foundation for Musical Growth and Development:  Part 2

This session is a continuation of Session A.  In addition to experiencing repertoire in action, Participants will explore specific objectives for developing music skill areas.

Taylor (Children):  When Helping Really Helps:  Music Advocacy on the Cutting Edge

Explore some of the most exciting and unlikely music advocacy initiatives on the planet.  How are lives being transformed?  How can you make the greatest impact where you live and serve, both inside and outside the walls of the church?  How do you best communicate the value of children’s choirs to parents, pastors, and people in power who allocate resources.

Shelton (Youth):  Strategies for Working with the Male Changing Voice in the Church Choir Setting

This session will provide an overview of the male changing voice and offer techniques for working with this group (pitch matching, warm-ups, repertoire selection, musical literacy)


Session C

Trinka (Preschool):  In-Tune Singing:  Techniques and Strategies for Getting Children to Sing In-Tune

This session will focus on ideas and techniques for nurturing in-tune singing, beginning with activities and repertoire to support vocal exploration and progressing to first experiences in singing easy part-music (drones, ostinato and canons).

Taylor (Children):  Games for Instant Learning Fun

Make every minute count!  Let’s play some fantastic musical games that engage children in instant learning fun anytime and anywhere.

Shelton (Youth):  Conducting . . . from the Inside Out

This session will be a refresher on conducting technique and philosophy and will offer strategies for conducting youth choirs.  We will look at several octavos for youth choir, discussing various ways to approach the music and how the music inspires our conducting gestures.