Anthem Recommendations

Clinician's Choice Anthems

These anthems were compiled during the 2023 Mid-Winter Workshop by two of our clinicians: James Wells and Victor C. Johnson. They were used as part of a reading session.


James Wells Anthem Selections

“I Saw 3 Ships”  arr. Craig Curry, CGA1669
“Create in Me a Clean Heart” by  Mary Lynn Lightfoot, CGA1660
“Worthy!” by Mark Burrows, CGA1623
“Love the Earth” by Ruth Elaine Schram, CGE424
“May God Bless Us and Keep Us” from From Rote…to Note Vol. 1 (Reproducible) by Katie Houts, CGC67
“Let All the People Praise” by Craig Courtney, Beckenhorst
“O Who’s That Yonder?” by John Wilson, Hope Publishing JW7781


Victor C. Johnson Anthem Selections

“Jubilate Deo” by Lloyd Larson, CGE487
“God Promises” by Mark Patterson, CGA1473
“A Call for Peace” by Jerry Estes, CGE420
“What Sweeter Music Can We Bring?” by Mary Lynn Lightfoot, CGE396
“Follow Me” by Time Osiek, CGA1668
“Famba Naye” by Victor C. Johnson, CGE488

Start-of-the-Year Anthems

A list of great anthems to kick-off a choir class, compiled and shared at our 2022 August Workshop.


Children – Unison/2-Part

Come with a Grateful Heart” by Becki Slagle Mayo & Lynn Bailey Shaw, CGA1507
“Dry Bones” arr. Becki Slagle Mayo & Lynn Bailey Shaw, CGA1112
“Feed My Lambs” By Natalie Sleeth, Carl Fischer
“The Fruit of the Vine” from Can’t Wait to Sing 2 by Mark Patterson, CGC54
“God’s Family for Me” by Joanne and Milton LeDoux, Growing in Grace 9622018003
“I Am the Light” from Shine Your Light by Terry Taylor, CGA1361
“Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” arr. Craig Curry, CGA1170
“Living God’s Love” by Mark Patterson, CGA1367
“Lord, We Give Thanks“ from ChildrenSing: Seven Anthems for Elementary Age Singers By Mark Patterson, CGAF2
“O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing” arr. Mark Patterson, CGA1153
“Teach Me Your Way” by Timothy Shaw, CGA1081
“This Little Light of Mine” arr. Mark Patterson, CGA1108
“With One Heart” by Mark Patterson, CGA804
“You Are Welcome Here” by Mark Burrows, CGA1525


Youth and Adults – 2-Part, SAB, SATB

“Benedictus” (SAB) by Brian Lewis, Alfred 23085
“Child of God” (SATB) by Mark A. Miller, CGA1425
“The Fruit of the Vine” (SA(T)B) by Mark Patterson, CGA1473
“God’s Great Love” (SATB) by Tunney/Tunney, Out of Print
“Keep Your Lamps” (SATB) arr. Andre Thomas, HMC577
“This Little Light of Mine” (SAB) by Mark Patterson, CGA1309
“Rejoice, Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing” from Worship Leaders (2 Part) Arr. Mark Patterson, CGA897


Combined Choirs

“Sizohamba Naye” (Unison & SATB) arr. Terry Taylor, CGA1250

Home Run Anthems

Compiled by our members, this list of “anthems your choirs will love” was shared at our 2023 Mid-Winter Workshop



“Yesu Kwetu ni Rafiki (What a Friend)” by Mark Burrows, CGA1234
“Lenten Love Song” by Helen Kemp, CGA486
“The Good Samaritan” by Lynn Shaw Bailey & Becki Slagle Mayo, CGA1168



“I Believe” by Mark Miller, CGA1310
“Ubi Caritas” by Victor Johnson, CGE63
“Psalm 139” by Allen Pote, CGA610
“Shout Joyfully” by Earlene Rentz, CGA1004