Preschool: Keith Pate Session Title Session Description
  Keep It Moving Movement is one of the keys to a successful rehearsal with any age group, especially preschoolers. Through movement and play, we will connect with the child’s world to teach solid musical concepts. Manipulatives & props will teach musical concepts such as: steady beat, rhythm reading, high/low pitches, finding the head voice and more…Excerpts and activities will be highlighted from Growing in Grace for preschoolers.
  The Sounds of Success This class will feature the use of “sound stories,” nursery rhymes, chants, song dramatization and more to enhance good listening skills, playing instruments and vocal exploration in laying the foundation for beautiful singing.
  “Art”ful Singing The class will utilize singing games, finger play, and “hands on” arts and crafts activities to teach solid musical concepts such as high/low, melodic contour, musical expression, steady beat and more. It features many “take-a-ways” to remind you of all you will experience.


Children: Heather Potter Session Title Session Description
  Baroque for Beginners: Introducing Children to Historical Composers Teaching strategies for stylistic singing and suitable arrangements and editions for introducing classical repertoire to children.
  Love Tangibly Practical ways to share the love of God with your singers and volunteers.


  A Year of Beautiful Singing: A Reading Session Repertoire selection is our most important job! Read through a set of music that thematically spans the church year and provides optimal vocal experiences for children.


Youth: Chris Aspaas Session Title Session Description
  Choral Fundamentals & Strategies for Success This session involves a refresher on the vocal mechanism and how it works (or supposed to work) in addition to tools to building voices and resonance. Tips and exercises from vocal and choral luminaries will stimulate ideas for leaders of all ages.


  Creative Programming: CREATE, INSPIRE, TEACH, ENGAGE All of us know that we live and die by the repertoire choices that we make. A triumphant performance could take months of pain and suffering or exciting, engaged rehearsals to prepare. This session/workshop will share ideas about creative programming strategies for ensembles of all kinds but specifically to assemble a ‘cantata’ or festival performance. Bring the ‘dream’ score you have wanted to conduct forever and let’s build a program/set together! )P.S. as an INFJ, I need to warn you that group work may be involved:))


  A Moving Experience How do we engage our youth in ‘active’ music-making every week? What kind of tools can we use to get them more involved and invested? This workshop will explore different tools for engaging our young singers (and older ones who act like them) in purposeful and expressive singing through physical activity. Additionally, we will explore ways to make our own movement (the conducting gesture) more effective, expressive and economical!


Adults: Kenney Potter Session Title Session Description
  What, How, and Why: Our Role as Facilitators of Worship In this session, we will explore our purpose as facilitators of worship (What), our spiritual calling (Why), and ways that we can achieve dynamic worship leadership in a choral context (How).
  Tone Building in Rehearsal What are the fundamentals of building sound within a volunteer choir? How do we get the choir to sound “worthy of worship” all-the-while learning pitches? How best do we handle Edna Lou’s insistence on singing FIRST soprano? These are some of the challenges that we will explore.


  Confessions of a Worship Leader: What I Would Do Differently (and Did) Twenty-five years into a career, God led me to take on a new challenge. This discussion will focus on being brand new to a music ministry and the lessons learned.